The Miracle at Lipa. Our Lady: Mediatrix of All Grace


If you have been a follower of my  blog since its inception, you would know that the original intention when I started blogging was to have a personal blog.  In fact, my first few entries will prove that my inspiration were personal bloggers.  I wanted to blog about my life and my journey.  There’s another guy whom I followed for quite some time but I forgot his name now.  I wish I could remember it.  He wrote quite well and I enjoyed reading his posts.

I recently switched this blog from being a celebrity blog to a personal blog.  That is the reason why you have been seeing more personal posts from me than blogging about what Kim Kardashian wore yesterday.  I enjoy having a personal journal out in public.  I want to share my thoughts and my emotions to those people who care to know more about me.

Why am I making an entry about the Apparition of Mary in Lipa, Batangas?  There’s a few reasons why.

  1. The apparition of Mary: Mediatrix of All Grace in Lipa, Batangas  in 1948 has just been declared ‘worthy of belief” and “supernatural in character” by the Archbishop of Lipa, Most Reverend Ramon Arguelles.  What would follow is a request subjected to the approval of the Holy See through the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  On 12 September 2015, the Archbishop of Lipa, Ramon Arguelles formally released the canonical results of the investigation launched by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, declaring the Marian apparitions to be authentic and worthy of pious belief. At present, a postulate for Canonical Coronation is pending submission to Pope Francis for pontifical approbation. The original image described and sculpted according to Castillo’s vision is licensed and approved by the Archdiocese of Manila for public veneration in various Filipino religious communities.
  2. A friend of mine has a devotion to Mother Mary and has encouraged me to watch the series on June Keithely’s report, “Woman Clothed with the Sun” on Youtube.
  3. I had a relationship with the Blessed Mother that was very close until I had an experience that drew me away.   I am trying to rekindle that relationship.

In watching the video on Youtube, (I’m still not done watching – – I think it’s a 4-hour documentary), my interest in the apparitions was reignited. I was an avid follower of apparitions of the Blessed Mother – her apparitions in Fatima, Garabandal, Medjugorje, Knock, Lourdes and many others.  I also used to pray the Holy Rosary daily which had dwindled through the years.

Pope Francis is about to visit the United States and of all cities that he would be visiting, Philadelphia is one of them.  Philadelphia is only 20 minutes away from where I live.  Although Pope Francis does not have such a close relationship with the Blessed Mother like Saint John Paul II did, I believe that the Blessed Mother still has a place in Pope Francis’ heart.

Kaya heto na naman ako.  I was in the Philippines back in January when Pope Francis visited and I am very fortunate that I will have another chance to see him in Philadelphia as well.

My friend told me that June Keithley was a former Catholic who became a born-again Christian.  Yet, when she covered the apparitions of Mary, she came back to the faith and became an advocate and helped propagate the devotion to Mother Mary.  She died in 2013 from breast and brain cancer.  She has a One-on-One talk with Tina Munzon-Palma in 2012.  You can watch the videos at the end of this post.  It was very interesting and heartwarming to watch her speak about Our Lady.  Even near the end, she wanted to serve.

The blessings that I have had in the past

Just in case you haven’t seen the documentary, here’s the first part:

If you are interested, you may watch the full documentary in parts through June Perez’s Youtube Channel.

Here’s the interview with June Keithley.


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