The national divide on Toni Gonzaga’s hosting style of Bb. Pilipinas. (VIDEO)

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I don’t know about y’all but I really am FOR actress/singer Toni Gonzaga. As everyone heard or seen on their social media accounts, there have been a national debate (or even international among Facebook friends about Toni Gonzaga’s comedic style of hosting the Bb. Pilipinas pageant over the weekend. I watched the clips of the Q&A portion and I didn’t see anything offensive about the way she incorporated her comedic style into it. I thought it was funny and light that it even helped ease the tension of the candidates.

All of a sudden, I heard that there was a certain individual who was complaining about it saying that she had made the pageant look cheap. What?

Among the crowd, during breaks, this was what was Toni doing to entertain the crowd:

Here’s the actual Q&A Portion:

After the controversy, Toni Gonzaga had to say her piece.

And don’t forget the elegant Michael Cinco gown.



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