The new iWatch.


As much as it is that more and more of my friends are turning away from Apple products, I find myself falling in love more and more with its innovation and pioneering.

I thought for sure that after the iPhone 5s, I will veer away from the iPhone and move on to an Android device.  I was wrong.  With the passing of Steve Jobs, a lot of hate mongers have predicted Apple’s demise to their disappointment.

The Apple iPad mini is still one thing that I want to acquire.  That is if I am wiling to sell my iPad 2 for 215.00 dollars when I bought it for $600.  I guess it would be better to sell in now and get with the new technology than waiting until I can no longer find a buyer.

Today’s reveal of the iWatch, the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus gave me renewed hope in Apple.  I may be getting one after all.

There is a battle going over my brain right now though.  I am debating whether to get an iPhone 6 or get a French Bulldog.  Quite a contrast right?

Why wouldn’t you be confused.

Here’s the new iPhone 6:


Here’s the French Bulldog:


What do you think I should get  next?


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