To work or not to work. That is my question.

It has been over a year ago when I took an early retirement offer from my previous employer.  They gave me a full salary package for one year plus a 25% bonus on top of that.  It was a large sum of money but not large enough to retire on.  That meant I needed to find another job in order to get to my retirement age.  I still have plenty of years left so don’t date me. 🙂

I have worked all my life.  I started working as a teenager and have not stopped since then.  The only break I had was the three-month hiatus I had while I was looking for another job.  That time went so quickly.  I don’t know what others mean when they say that it is boring when you retire.  I was busier than when I was employed!  It was non-stop action!

I love traveling.  I have seen many travel bloggers who are living a fantastic life.  They go from place-to-place without worry about where they would get their next meal or how to pay for their monthly mortgage (maybe because they don’t have one).  I envy them actually.  I wish I could find such luck in becoming a paid wanderlust!  I will travel for anyone.  Just pay me.  🙂

Last week was when my first ever project to go live with my new company.  We had thought we tested the scenarios well.  We went through every bit of scenario the customer had provided us and it all passed User Acceptance Testing.  We decided to go live with their approval.  Once it went live, things went to hell – and back!  So, since last week, I had been fighting fires day and night to get the system to stabilize for this customer.  Believe me, you don’t want to be in the receiving end of the conversation with this customer.  I don’t blame them.  If their products are not moving, they are losing money.   Today was one of those days that I thought – do I really want to continue to work?

Many say that I should just be thankful that I have a job.  (Which I am very grateful for!)  I get it.  There are folks out there who don’t have a steady stream of income to support themselves or their families.  It can be tough not having a job.  But then again, what job is there that doesn’t have demand pressure?  Even if you work at a McDonald’s, there is pressure.  It all depends on how you handle pressure.

I have been pretty good with it.  There were a couple of days where I really thought about walking out.  Everyone knows that walking out is not an option.  I have never walked out of a job (except that one time in Baltimore where I as really burned out!  They asked me to come back.). And I will not walk out now.  I can do this!

So, until I can get paid as a travel blogger – or just a blogger for that matter, I will have to continue to work.  I have saved up enough though that if I decide to take that route, I may have to think twice about it.  We shall see.  For now, I will remain as one of the peons like all of you.  Hehe!

Until next time.




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