Un Parisien. Un Parisienne.


Even before I set foot on it, I already knew that something is special about Paris.  As I’ve posted previously, it is to me, as elusive as it can be.  I have gone several rounds in Europe but somehow, through some kind of a divine plan, I always skipped Paris.  Why?  I don’t know.  It just never came up in the itinerary.  I’ve heard that it is so close to Rome and England but I managed to not take that train or short flight so that I could visit Paris.

When I arrived in Paris on May 28, 2014 – I understood why.  Paris was meant to be something special to me.  The trip has to be on its own lest I forget how the city welcomed me with open arms.  The reason why it had to happen this way was clear.  It happened this way so I can fully enjoy Paris without any expectations.  And that’s exactly what happened.  The company of great friends helped a lot in that sense as well.  It was all pre-destined if you ask me.  The universe planned all this and it was the best trip I have had in years!

The first treat was the cuisine.  Oh Em Gee!  I am so glad I quit smoking over a year ago.  My palettes are clean and I can enjoy food now like a non-smoker does.  I can savor every bite.  You may say, what is special with French cuisine?  I will tell you, I have no effing idea but in the US, I cannot eat duck.  Duck to me is so gamy that I can hardly eat duck.  I don’t like duck in Chinese cooking as well.  But, for some totally odd reason – I love duck now.  Prepared right, like the Duck Minard that I had in Paris, I would totally devour.



Remember these from Pretty Woman?  Haha!  I totally did the Vivian Ward at the restaurant while trying to get the escargot out of the shell.  Haha! It was embarrassing.  I had pesto all over my face and clothes.  But it totally made my night!  Too bad there was no waiter to catch it! Haha!



I don’t know about y’all but when my friends and I dine, we share our food so that they can get a taste of what each is having.  I particularly didn’t like the calf’s liver (photo above) because I think it’s still raw.  I am told however, that it is the proper to cook liver because it can get chewy if overcooked.  Still, I didn’t like it.


The duck was delish!  It was so tender and the sauce was simply flavorful.  The meat has a little bit of duck fat, just enough to enhance the flavor.  Amazing!


This is what I had.  It’s foie gras with pasta.  Don’t put it down until you try it.

I have never had foie gras simply because of the things that I hear about how the liver is farmed and stuff.  I don’t even want to go on Youtube to find out but I know that it’s pretty nasty.  My companions urged me to try it. Just try and if I don’t like it, they will take it from me.  It’s made like a patte.  If you’re from the Philippines, the next thing to compare it to is “liver spread”.  Much smoother in texture though.

I took my first bite and bam!! – – I was in heaven.  It was amazing!  The pasta tastes like it is dipped in butter.  Good Gawd Almighty!  It was something that I had never experienced before.


This is the duck patte?  I foget what it’s called but it is served cold.  Not my favorite either because it’s like cold spam.  I don’t eat cold spam.  My friend really liked it though.  He is a cold-hearted biatch anyway.. LOL!  Just kidding.


I think this is salmon tartare.  It was good too.  I’ve had salmon carpaccio before but it was the first time I’ve had salmon tartare.  It is also served cold as an appetizer.


Here’s my signature “toast shot”.  I’d like to think that I invented this shot because I have a collection of these.  I have been taking “toast shots” ever since I can remember.  My other friend there – Jeremy – didn’t know that I wasn’t taking photos of the whole face.  I usually just take photos with a partial face of one person in the group – which happens to be him.  Yet, look at his cute smile!  Hahaha!



Here’s the group I traveled with.  An awesome group I must say.  We all had a blast!  I know, Darnel looks like he’s about to fall asleep but that’s normal.  LOL.




And of course.  The usual desserts.

Overall, I would recommend BDJ’s at Rue Caron in Les Marais area of Paris.  When you get there, look for Luvo.  He really took care of us.

Until next post.  There are more photos from Paris so keep coming back~!

Have a great weekend folks!



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