Viral Videos: What was that?


You’ve probably seen it in your social media feed from one of your friends who shared it with you. Or, you may have stumbled on it on Google Trends or Yahoo Trends. It’s a video claiming to be a shot by a man who went swimming in Ozarks and felt something that is blocking his sense of hearing. As he uses his mobile phone camera to check on what it is, you see a creature that resembles a spider peek through. It was horrifying.

Guess what? It’s a fake.

“Mr Banit claimed he felt like something was in his ear after he went for a swim at the Lake of Ozarks, a large reservoir in central Missouri in the US.

He described feeling a ‘super painful ear infection’ and a ‘totally blocked ear canal’ after going for the dip.

When he filmed the inside his ear on his phone, he found something truly horrifying, or so we all thought at first.”

Mr. Banit now claims that he cooked up and used special effects to create the viral video.



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