Visita Iglesia 2017, Friends and Everything that goes with it.

Eleven years ago, we started a tradition which I never thought would still continue to observe even to this day.  It is one of the most significant traditions during Lenten season observed by Catholics around the globe.  It started out as something we wanted to do as a group of friends from the Philippines here in the Philly / South Jersey area.  We somehow wanted to experience some kind of attachment rooted to our Filipino traditions back home and since most of us could take the day off on Good Friday, we thought of observing Visita Iglesia aka Seven Churches Visitation which was normally observed on Maundy Thursday during Holy Week.

The first one was back in 2006.  I had a boyfriend back then and I wasn’t blogging yet so I don’t have the photos available here.  Here’s the only photo I found from the very first Visita Iglesia in 2006.


We really didn’t start the jump shot (I think) until 2009.  We usually visit 7 churches but it got reduced each year because of the consolidation of Catholic churches everywhere.  We will usually visit 4 churches in South Jersey and 3 churches in Philly.  At the last church in South Jersey, whichever that may be, we do a jump shot.  Here’s the on from 2009.

This tradition has continued on since then although last year, we weren’t able to do so because there was a solemn re-enactment of the Passion of Christ on church grounds of the last church we visited.

This year, we had a winner.

Huwag kayong tumawa, may dala kong laptop sa hoody ko.  Yung katabi ko namang naka blue, may dalang iPad.  Kaya parang ang laki ng chanena namen pero hindi.  LOL.

Anyway, there are only two members who I believe have not missed this tradition since inception.  It’s the guy here with the winning pose.  Guess who it is?  But we welcome everyone who wants to join us.  We’ve had plenty of people who have joined us for one or two of the 11 years we have been doing this. Some of them 5 or more years.  As long as there is someone who wants to join me, even if there’s only two of us, I will press on.  Besides, it has become a bonding event for all involved.

This year, like the previous years, we were offered desserts and coffee at one of our friend’s house in Philadelphia.  After feasting on seafood (and others) in Chinatown, we head over to South Philly for some scrumptious choices of desserts.  Thanks to Tommy and Kevin!

During coffee and dessert – we relived memories for the past 20 years.  It was fun and much needed.

For the folks who brought coffee  and donuts – thanks as well!

Until next year….


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