Who doesn’t love Toni Gonzaga?


Courtesy of cosmo.ph

There is something about Toni Gonzaga that I like.  Maybe it’s her down-to-earth attitude, maybe it’s her beauty, or maybe it’s her style.  I don’t know what to say but I like Toni very much.  I’ve heard friends say that she’s not all that beautiful, she’s not good of an actress, she’s a horrible host.  I think very much the opposite.

Who wouldn’t like a sweet girl like her?  I am a fan.  Amd have you seen the prenup photos published by Cosmopolitan Philippines?  Gorgeous shots!

At isa pa, ang guwapo kaya ni Paul Soriano?!  Di ba? At ang lalong naka pangilig sa akin, her view about pre-marital sex.  Watch the video below. This video was taken way before they even got engaged. What do you think?

Toni-Paul-1 prenup-4-600x583 safe_image Toni-Paul-7 Toni-and-Paul-Prenup-12-520x347


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