Why I still blog.

It was 10 years ago when I started blogging.  I had no idea where it will take me or how I would use it.  At first, I thought of it as an online diary.  You know, like “Doogie Howser, M.D.”  Yikes!!

But as I progressed, with zero viewers and no traffic, I decided to just write about anything. Most of my blogger friends are Filipino so I was definitely catering to that audience.  One day, I wrote about the relationship woes of Ruffa Gutierrez and her Turkish ex-husband.  That was the first time that my blog hit a record high in traffic.  That’s when I realized that people are really looking to read about celebrities.  That was when I turned my personal blog to a celebrity blog.

Here I am 10 years later and have hit full circle.  I have turned it into my own personal travel blog.  I am no longer at the top of Alexa ratings and I am now less concerned about SEO.  But, like any blogger, I am still hoping that I get enough following that will make me continue to write. That’s just a wish now.  I am no longer making the amount of income I was getting back then from advertising companies.  I do get some money still, enough to pay hosting fees but that’s about it.

Today, I use writing as a way to release emotions.  I find it very comforting that I can turn to blogging each time I need to express any type of emotion.  I can be angry, depressed, happy, or blah and get the urge to write things down.  If I am feeling motivated, I write about things that I am motivated about at that moment. It is a good way to reflect on matters that affect me.

I am the most disorganized person you can find.  I mean, I know how to manage a project and get it through completion but I don’t worry about the little things that can wait while I work on a project.  I am the same at home.  If I have to do laundry today, I will do the laundry.  But if I have to go to church or meet a friend for dinner, the folding can wait.  It can sit in the hamper for a day or two until I get around to it.  That’s what I mean.  Another example would be the bills that I receive from credit cards or statements from doctor’s appointments and stuff.  I may pay the bill today and get it out of the way, or get that exam done.  I will, however, leave the paperwork at the dining table until it piles up to about three inches thick.  That didn’t use to bother me before, but now it does.

So, I have decided to get myself organized.  Since this is a travel blog, I should be blogging about my travels (and I will) but for now, let me tell you what my plans are.

  • I plan to organize
  • I need to re-focus my life
  • I need to lose weight
  • I need to get rid of clutter

I will use these first four tasks to get started.  Starting small would be easiest because I don’t want to overwhelm myself.  If and when I get overwhelmed, I freeze and I end up doing nothing.

To start, I bought a planner on Amazon.  I will use this planner to get me organized by starting a daily list of things I want to accomplish for the day.  As I go through and finish a task, I will mark it down or cross it off.  Yes, I am doing this old-style.  I know that I have all that I need on my smartphone but I would rather see it and make it tangible so that I can feel good about it.   When you feel good about something, you tend to do it more and more.  Experts say that writing things down make it easier to complete tasks.

Folks, together with my travels, I will blog about how am I doing in these four goals.  I will post photos for you to see and a good way to do it is to post the “before” and the “after”.

Let’s do this!



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