Why Robert Downey’s Speech at the MTV Awards is worth watching (VIDEO)


Robert Downey Jr. has come a long way from where he was back in the 80s.  He’s had trouble with the law – multiple times in his life, got into drugs and almost ruined his career.  If you’re on the outside looking in, you would have thought then that he will never make it.  A life full of arrest and jail time – – drug rehab and recovery.

It could have ended there but just like Oprah used to say, God has a way of getting our attention.  First, a whisper – if you don’t listen, He will tap you on your shoulder, and if you still don’t listen – He will hit you upside the head until you get it.

Well, Robert Downey Jr. got it and turned his life around.  He knew that he had to do something different or every gift given to him by his Creator would be taken away.  Remember the parable about the talents?


Find out why his Avengers co-stars bowed down before him.

Watch the video:


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