You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Really?

I am writing about this topic because I clearly have experienced something that made me take notice.   Thinking back, I realized that the saying that goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”, is really a personal thing.  It happens to us in relationships, to our attachment to material things, and maybe our love for our pets as well.  But it is not something that is true when it comes to other things.  At least not for most of us.

You see, I have been going through ups and downs regarding my weight.  I never had this problem as a young teenager but it has become a problem during my late 20s up to now.  Before, I can go to the gym three times a week, do cardio for about 20 minutes each and I would shed the weight.  Now, I can go and work out five times a week, doing 40 minutes of cardio each time and still won’t lose any pounds.  Okay, maybe a pound or two but not much.  And I know what the problem is.  My metabolism is slower and I am getting older.  I get that.  I can no longer eat the things that I ate when I was an active teenager.  It’s not good for me or for my weight loss goals.

What gets me is that PEOPLE don’t notice when you lose the weight.  I can be overweight, lose the weight to my normal range and no one will notice.  Okay, maybe a person or two.  Yet, no one is applauding and telling the whole world that I’ve done a great job in losing the extra pounds.  That’s not going to happen.  I’ve gained and lost weight several times in my lifetime.  Whenever I am becoming heavy, you will hear people around me saying that I should lose weight.  Not once, not twice but every time they see me.  This goes not only to my friends but to my family as well.  They can’t help but notice that I’ve gained several pounds and be as fast to say that I should change my diet or exercise more or whatever.

Maybe I am guilty of it too and we all say that we tell people they are  fat because we care about them.  We want them to lose the weight to stay healthy.  But do we really mean it that way?  Because I didn’t hear you say “Congratulations!  You look great!  You’ve done a great job shedding your extra weight!” but you were faster than light to say, “Maybe no one has told you but you are totally overweight!”

It never occurs to us that people have different types of metabolism.  Some cannot really lose weight even if they tried because it could be affected by a health issue such as hyperthyroidism or even so, a side effect to diabetes medications and worst, depression.  Do we really care or does saying something negative to others make us feel better?  Do people not think that I am not trying to find ways to be back to my normal weight?  Do they think that I stuff my face with food when I am alone so that they could mock me when they see me in public?

What I can say is that, we all have our problems.  We are all going through stuff.  We may appear to be playful and fun all the time but that may not be the case.  Have we ever thought of encouraging someone by asking if they would like to take walks with you or work out with you?  Have we thought of saying, “Oh, I found a way to avoid eating a lot to maintain my weight and if you’re struggling with the same, I might be able to help.”

So, whenever we see our friends or family who may have gained a pound or two, please don’t be so quick to judge and humiliate them.  Losing weight is not as easy as you think.  It requires dedication, concentration and most of all, self-control.  When someone has gained a few pounds, be gentle.  And if someone has turned their life around and have become healthy and lost a lot of weight – make sure to shout it up the mountain tops and tell them how proud you are of them! Hindi laging nega!

Yun lang pow.



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